Friday, September 18, 2009

When technology fails ...

OK, so I survived my desktop hard drive failure. I dealt with that ... kind of saw it coming ... the system was over 8 years old, taking forever to load web pages .... constant running of the fan, etc. Lucky for me, my nephew reformatted the laptop my daughter had been using, but abandoned for her new MacBook. So that was great and I spent a lot of time reestablishing my favorites, setting up my folders, recreating documents, filing photos and all that other good stuff we do on our computers ... until .... yup - you guessed it. Nephew thinks it was a corrupt system file. But he did fix it (after many hours on the phone). That is ... until I wanted to change a setting that required a reboot. Ya, you guessed it. No reboot was accomplished. No system repair. No customer support because I'm running a beta Win7 OS. *sigh* Nephew thinks its a hard drive failure. No, I'm up and running (somewhat) by booting off an old WinXP disk. But alllllllll my files are gone. (except those stored on the external hard drive - photos, projects, etc.) However, 'favorites' is a wide open book. All my documents ... vanished. Even my wireless card seems to have gone in hiding - seems my new OS can't identify it (or a whole bunch of other 'devices' for that matter!) So I have many many hours of reprogramming ahead of me. Then, maybe then, I can get back to creating and sharing .. and fun! How did we ever survive without our computers??? I know I'm lost without mine!

*inky hugs*


Danica said...

Time to update your blog....!